Piano Lessons

Piano lessons are the start of a journey to being a musician be it the piano or any other instrument. A good solid start is essential to prevent stumbling in the future. Learn to do something wrong in the beginning can take a long time to overcome six months later, having practised the mistake for months.

I am Jackie Clark I have been a music teacher for over 25 years and also have a music channel on YouTube, Daily Motion and Facebook. I can teach anyone from 6 years old to 80 years old with my online piano lessons.

jackie clark piano lessons

Learning Piano is fun and easy to do. The costs a minimal in fact an entire course can be less than the cost of one lesson if you came to me privately for piano lessons.

My courses are 100% video and can include learning to play the piano with or without music. Learning to play without music enables a student to play the piano really quickly. should a student wish to learn music later, that would dovetail perfectly with what has already been learned.

My courses are delivered by a major learning platform that provides a guarantee of being available at least 99% of the time. a 30 day moneyback guarantee ensures you will be satisfied either with the course or with your moneyback. 30 days of lessons for free if you don’t like the course and the books are yours to keep. (You can’t push them back up the internet cables.)

Find out how you can learn to play piano:

Aged 8 to 80.

Children from five years

Intermediate students more chords

Piano Scales