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About Who We Are

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Honeycup Waters was conceived to create a lively style of music that can be used as happy background music all day long. This means that you can come home, kick off your shoes calm down, and listen to our music to create a happy calming atmosphere if you like to listen to happiness. The music is always instrumental and will never offend anyone’s ears. Our video images will always be the whole family-friendly.   Some listeners use our music as morning music, relaxing music, happy music, and general background music all day long. It is your music and your choice of how you use it. Just make sure it makes you happy.

 Honeycup Waters create happiness through music

December 07, 2016, on YouTube. The release date of our first music video.

Our music is available in almost all online streaming and sales channels worldwide, and many videos sharing social media sites.

About Honeycup Waters Social Media

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Facebook: https://honeycupwaters.com/Facebook
Twitter: https://honeycupwaters.com/Twitter
Patreon: https://honeycupwaters.com/Patreon
Pinterest: https://honeycupwaters.com/Pinterest

About Music Downloads

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Spotify https://honeycupwaters.com/spotify
iTunes: https://honeycupwaters.com/Itunes
Amazon: https://honeycupwaters.com/Amazon
Bandcamp: https://honeycupwaters.bandcamp.com/
Plus almost most other streaming services

About Piano Lessons

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You may wish to make music yourself. Why not do it yourself. All of our music is composed exclusively by Jackie who has taught piano for over 30 years. Find out more about Jackie’s online piano lessons here. You don’t have to take exams and within a few weeks, you will be able to play your favourite songs.

About Jackie Clark

Jackie Clark composer/musician for honeycupwaters music
Jackie Clark

Maybe you would like to support us on Patreon and find out more about our work and get early access to music.

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Now you know all about Honeycup Waters music, why not make it your favorite channel to listen to upbeat background music all day long and every day?

Whats Next

Enjoy the site, enjoy the music and whatever your favourite platform of choice is, subscribe and be informed of all of our latest music videos.