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Jackie and Peter began Honeycup Waters as a means of providing a type of music that is not generally catered for in mainstream media. There are headbanging and electronic music, and there is classical music of course, but for anyone around 30 to 50 years old the choice is limited.  

Experience in life revealed that when young, deafening headbanging music was great, although Jackie usually played classical music for herself. As we reach our thirties, the headbanging music gave way to headaches. So what comes next?  

Jackie, a piano teacher for over 30 years who only teaches online lessons now, wanted to compose and play a type of music that could be listened to at any time of the day that would be suitable after the headbanging days. Jackie hates playing in public but enjoys playing music that is melodic and happy. Music that will help people achieve calm and happiness. This type of music is generally referred to as new-age or light music.   

Making Videos was the answer; music videos allow her to write, play her music and share her music with thousands of people around the world.  

Honeycup Waters was conceived to create a lively style of music that can be used as background music all day long. The music is instrumental, so will never offend anyone’s ears, and the images will always be the whole family-friendly.  

Honeycup Waters create happiness through music

December 07, 2016, on YouTube. The release date of our first music video.

Music is available in almost all online streaming and sales channels worldwide, and many videos sharing social media sites.

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Music Downloads

Spotify https://honeycupwaters.com/spotify
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Bandcamp: https://honeycupwaters.bandcamp.com/
Plus almost most other streaming services

Piano Lessons

You may wish to make music yourself. Why not do it yourself. All of our music is composed by Jackie who has taught piano for over 30 years. Find out more about Jackie’s online piano lessons here.

Now you know all about Honeycup Waters music video site. Check out the rest of the site and listen to some happy music it’s all free to listen to.

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