We are a husband and wife team, Peter & Jackie. Involved with music for most of our lives. Starting Honeycup Waters to create music videos that would be suitable for families to enjoy seemed logical. Our music is relaxing, fun and can be used for many purposes. YouTube hosted our videos exclusively initially. Expansion of our music catalogue has made it necessary for us to expand. Facebook and Dailymotion video sites now also host our music. Streaming and download sites including Itunes, Amazon music, Spotify and many more carry our music.

Suitable for both adults and children’s listening pleasure. Both the music and images used, are always family safe.

Images for the videos are family safe. Creating an atmosphere that is suitable for the music.

December 07, 2016 on YouTube. The release date of our first music video.

Music is available in almost all online streaming and sales channels worldwide, and many videos sharing social media sites.

Social Media

Facebook: https://honeycupwaters.com/Facebook
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Steemit: https://honeycupwaters.com/Steemit
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Music Downloads

Spotify https://honeycupwaters.com/spotify
iTunes: https://honeycupwaters.com/Itunes
Amazon: https://honeycupwaters.com/Amazon
Bandcamp: https://honeycupwaters.bandcamp.com/
Plus almost all other streaming services

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