Children’s Bright Cheerful Happy Music

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Children's Bright Cheerful Happy Music

Childrens bright happy music is a part of Honeycup Waters that is often missed. We have always created a large section of our music for children.

Some of the music is happy bouncy music. The majority are not of this type, they are relaxing pieces of music and imagery to calm young minds before drifting off to sleep.

Some parents use our music with their children and watch the videos together. Others use it as background music at storytime. I wonder how you will use it?

Childrens Music Playlists

We have a number of playlists on YouTube created just for children to listen to in the background while playing or napping. The button below will take you directly to a children’s playlist with PC The Cat in some of the videos and other animals.

Music Video Titles

Our music tracks are available worldwide from almost every streaming site. The naming of our music is by the word Honey followed by a number. This particular music video is called Honey 191 so can easily be found. 

On some sites, your search will be Jackie Clark, others Honeycup Waters and others use both names.

I hope you enjoyed the music video above which was composed and video for children. Adults enjoy the music too. It is allowed.

More Happy Music

We have more music on the site for your enjoyment. Why not try this one here

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