Happy Flute With Birds Honey 256 Relaxing Music

Happy flute music with birds pottering and feeding. The video starts and finishes with bird songs.

A happy piece of music for relaxation and a calm atmosphere.

Our music videos are created to create a warm calm atmosphere and help with relaxation. Happiness comes through a calm mind.

Our music is original, composed and played by Jackie Clark a musician and piano teacher with over 25 years of experience. 

You can find out more about her teaching at https://www.jackieclarkmusic.com or on her Youtube Channel Jackie Clark Music.

jackie clark composer

Happy Flute

A lot of Honeycup Waters Music videos feature the sound of the flute or pan flute. The flute suits the style of music well. The sound of the piano features in some of the flute videos and also some entirely piano recordings.

The music can also be heard on many of the music streaming channels worldwide such as Spotify. Our happy flute music is available on most sites that supply music such as Amazon and Apple Music. Just look for Jackie Clark or Honeycup Waters to find your favourite track. All our music is known by its Honey names such as Honey 256 or Honey 100 etc.

Our music on YouTube is easy to find. Search for the Honeycup Waters channel and click on the video tab to find all of our music videos.

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I do hope that you enjoy listening to the music and watching the birds looking for food in the video. I always find birds relaxing when I watch them flying around behind where I live. 

In fact of all of my music videos, the ones with birds that are pottering about are the most popular.


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