Bright Happy Music & A Walk Around The Garden

What type of music is bright happy music?

When it comes to music types they can be quite diverse, from classical to heavy rock, beats, rap and everything in between.

At Honeycup Waters we believe in bright happy music. No Rock, no Rap we create just a simple easy to listen style of happy music. 

Sometimes they are very gentle and suitable for sleeping and sometimes they are much faster and brighter. Always they are composed to put a small smile on the listeners face. Probably few will whistle the tune when they walk down the street. Many will put our music on to pass the time away while doing other things. 

In one way or another, they can all be described as bright happy music. It depends on who you are and the type of music you enjoy. My husband loves Boogy Woogy music and calls it happy music. I won’t tell you what I call it.

I enjoy a small amount of Rap whereas he says he understands the difficulty but says that it isn’t music. Two different views on the same subject.

We do both agree that background music needs to be easy listening to music, that doesn’t jar the nerves or need earphones to listen to.

Your Bright Happy Music Pleasure

This particular music video features the piano playing a bright happy piece of music. The video section is of a public garden in the bright sunlight. Why sunlight? because the music felt warm and sunny. I wonder how you felt while listening to it.

The Composer / Musician

The composer of the music is me! Jackie Clark. I compose music for honeycup Waters and play the pieces for the videos. I am also a piano teacher which I love more than composing.

I hope you enjoy my music. Leave a comment about how you feel about my music.

In addition to youtube, my music can be listened to on almost all streaming channels around the world. Search for Jackie Clark or Honeycup Waters.

Jackie clark the music composer

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