What Type Of Music Do We Create For You?

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A question that is often asked of me is. What type of music do you create?

Now obviously the obvious answer is, well it’s music!

So on considering the music, it seems easier to look at what it isn’t. It isn’t rock music, it’s definitely not boogie-woogie although my husband would like it to be. It’s not jazz and it’s not pop.

It really is a little bit of everything. some are slow and romantic, some of them are sleepy, some fast, some bright and happy so it can be called middle of the road music that can be used for anything.

Maybe helping with sleeping, does this mean it’s sleep music? It can be used in the background while working or cooking so is it work music or cooking music?

The music could be used for anything you want it to be used for. I tend to think of it as happy music. Not fall on the floor laughing happy, pleasant happy you know the type comforting and warm. It is also generally relaxing music so I suppose it is happy relaxing background music. The sort of music that you would put on in the background all day long and ignore.

Essentially I create music that is enjoyed by as many people as possible for as long a time as possible. If you enjoy the music then I am happy. you might like to make suggestions for future music. I would love to hear from you


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