Happy Chill Music Background Music For Chilling

Happy Chill Music video with the happy sound of the flute.

Happy Music

Jackie Clark composed this bright chill music video. Jackie composes all of our relaxing background music. The intention is to create a happy and relaxing ambience wherever the listener is.

Happy Music composer Jackie Clark

Honeycup Waters Music is bright cheerful music and can be used at any time for any purpose including relaxing, studying, chilling or even dancing. Amongst our collection of music, we have something to suit everyone. Happy chill music is like that. Everyone can enjoy it.

How to Listen

Our primary channel is on YouTube. Our music is available on almost all streaming and sales sites worldwide. You never need to be without our relaxing music.

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Listen to the happy music in the and imagine that you are sitting by the water watching the images of water birds in real-time.

This gentle relaxing music video. Water and birds create such a relaxing feeling and they are featured throughout

Piano Lessons

In addition to composing all of our music. Jackie is a piano teacher with over 25 years of experience of teaching the piano to all age groups.

Thousands of students have taken her online courses from five years of age to over 70. Her wide experience enables her to create just the right atmosphere to enable everyone to be able to enjoy playing the piano, or keyboard. The piano and keyboard are the same as a beginner.

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