Happy Music Happy Flute Happy Relaxing Music

The happy relaxing background music featured in this music video contains the sound of the flute with a guitar accompaniment.

Listen direct on YouTube

Happy Music Happy Flute

All of our music is happy background music to relax and calm. The images are designed to add to the feeling of relaxed tranquility. this particular video has feeding birds to help with relaxation.

Enjoy the music here or on Youtube now or look at your favourite streaming site for Jackie clark or HoneycupWaters. Then you can listen on your favourite channel or even purchase and download a track.

The music was written and performed by Jackie Clark.

Happy background music by Jackie Clark who's image this is

Listen Anywhere

Here are some of the available sites to find our music:

 Apple Music
 TikTok (beta)
 Google Play & YouTube Music
 Napster (beta)
 iHeartRadio (beta)
 Anghami (beta)
 KKBox (beta)

 MediaNet and many others.

On streaming channels. Use Honeycup Waters or Jackie Clark as the search term and look for the bee logo.

Honeycupwaters.com bee logo

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