Happy Background Music For Busy People

This happy background music is a happy and relaxing piece of music. The music is suitable for playing in the background whatever it is that you are doing.

Honeycup Waters music has always tried to provide a happy style of music for relaxation and to brighten spirits. Happiness is the best feeling in the world. With our relaxing music, we attempt to provide those moments of happiness that is so important to all of our lives.

Happy Background Music

Honeycup Waters specialise in happy music that can be used for almost any activity or just to listen to. All of our background music is composed by Jackie Clark. Our music is free to listen to on YouTube and Daily Motion.

Happy background music by Jackie clark whoes image this is

This particular music is available in video form on YouTube and Daily Motion. Our audio tracks can be streamed from the majority of streaming services worldwide.

Tracks can be purchased for download from many downloading sites including bandcamp.com Apple Music/Itunes Amazon Music Check if they are available on your favourite downloading site.

To find our music search for Honeycup waters or Jackie Clark

Piano Lessons

Composing and recording music videos for Honeycup Waters is not all Jackie does. Jackie teaches piano to online students.

Almost 5000 students have benefitted from Jackie’s lessons. Information On how you can become a pianist can be found here.

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