How To Play Your New Keyboard Really Quickly Properly

So it’s your Christmas present or a birthday present or maybe you bought it yourself. Switch it on and it is nothing like as easy as you thought it would be.

musical keyboard image how to play your new keyboard

All those keys that look the same and notes that don’t fit with each other.

What to learn to play quickly.

Surprisingly it is not as complicated as it looks. There are only twelve notes and they repeat an octave higher as you move from left to right.

Then there are your fingers well they are called 1 to 5 from what was your thumb. It is finger 1 now you are a pianist.

Learn to play properly.

Now you want to learn quickly but you want to learn properly with no bad habits that will hold you back later. There is a piano teacher nearby who could teach you but it will take a long time to learn music and practice all that classical music pieces.

Why piano

The keyboard is exactly the same as a piano except it has all the added extras that make it such a wonderful instrument. Before you take advantage of the keyboard, you will need to learn to play the keys like a piano.

This part can be learned very easily and very quickly. You don’t need to learn music and you don’t need to spend years learning classical music pieces.

Just Chords

By using just chords you can be playing your keyboard, properly without any bad habits in weeks, maybe even days if you practice enough. Just chords Piano will teach you all the basics, how to find the chords for your songs, which fingers to use and how to get the right tempo and timing.

You will be able to play your favourite songs in no time at all.

How To Play Your New Keyboard

Take a look at Just Chords Piano with no obligation and a discount. See how you will learn, take a few free lessons. You can decide if this is how you can be playing your shiny new keyboard in a very short time. It really is quick & easy.

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