Why This Free Relaxation Method Works Best & How You Can Use It

There are many ways for anyone to enjoy a free relaxation method, but do they work?

Relaxation Methods

I don’t need to create a list of free methods of relaxation that are available to us all. Excercise such as jogging or at the gym are well known methods in fact exercise should be part of everyones lifestyle. There are various types of exercise that can be used that also create a feeling of calmness such as Pilates to name just one.


The problem with so many methods to find relaxation and calm in our lives is that they all take time. They are free of financial cost but are not free of the most important commodity which is time. They all take time to do and enjoy. If you have lots of time then some form of exercise will help a great deal. there are also other benefits associated with health that most excercise will improve,


One way of achieving a true free relaxation method is to enjoy music. Whatever type of music you prefere or a range of music styles depending on the time of day or your mood will create any type of feelings you like. This includes creating a relaxing ambiance to relax and become happier.

Throughout history music has been used for a variety of reasons from the drums of war to the musicians of a distant kings court. In modern days music is used extensively in film to create tension or a romantic atmosphere.

By using music for relaxation it matters not what you are doing. You could sitting down, cooking, studying, reading, cleaning or even making a bookshelf in a shed as a hobby. Music is universal in its uses.

For relaxation music playing in one room will still be playing when you return from visiting another room. It doesn’t matter if you go outside for ten minutes or answer the phone. The music you have chosen to play will still be playing. With Yoga or Pilates you can’t stop to do something else, with excercise you either do it or you don’t. Music is different you can do many things while still listening to music.

Free Relaxation Method

It doesn’t matter which type of music you choose for your relaxation. We all have different tastes in music. You can choose heavy rock music, jazz, classical music, pop music, beats, in fact any music is your music.

At Honeycup Waters we decided to create a type of music that we feel would create a happy relaxing feeling in the listener that would be all instrumental. There is little point in relaxing to music and spending the rest of the day or worse the night with the words of a song rattling in your head.

We also wanted our music to be free to listen to which is why we chose YouTube to host our music videos. The majority of our music is also available on most streaming platforms however there is some cost for using those.

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