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Happy relaxing flute music is composed to create a happy relaxing calm atmosphere while listening, that lasts for most of the day.

The music is bright and chirpy yet being the beautiful sound of the flute maintains a relaxing tone despite its happiness. The bright happy background keeps the bright happy feelings of the music throughout.


As with all of our music the music has been composed and played by Jackie Clark (that’s me) for your pleasure.

Why Happy Relaxing Flute Music

Our music is composed for relaxing and calming you down, whenever the stresses of modern life create tension. Our music is created with one thing in mind and that is to create an oasis of calm sounds whenever they are needed.

We use the sounds of a variety of instruments. We have found that woodwind instruments such as the flute, the oboe, a few brass instruments and acoustic guitar are prefered by most of our listeners.


In particular of all of our music the flute is prefered by a wide margin of around eight to one.

How To Enjoy Our Happy Music

Our music videos can be found on Youtube, Daily Motion and Facebook. the advantages of watching our music videos on those channels are that they are free to listen to 24 hours a day. Most of the streaming channels require some form of fee. They can, of course, be useful for example, when driving and video would not be suitable.

Our music tracks are available on almost all download and streaming platforms worldwide Such as:

 Apple Music
 TikTok (beta)
 Google Play & YouTube Music
 Napster (beta)
 iHeartRadio (beta)
 Anghami (beta)
 KKBox (beta)
 MediaNet and many others.

On streaming channels. Use Honeycup Waters or Jackie Clark as the search term and look for the bee logo.

logo honeycup waters for happy relaxing flute music

Pinterest has our Relaxing flute Music

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