Learn to Play Piano Without Lessons Easily & Quickly

Learn to play piano in a similar way to teenagers learning the guitar. We have all heard of guitarists who had a few pointers from friends and within weeks are able to play any song they wish. My husband at 14 had a guitar and a book, I think it was Bert Weedon Play in a Day, and he was off. Within six weeks he was playing in a band. Now he admits he is not the best guitarist in the world. He doesn’t need to be. He is happy with playing his songs and enjoys the pleasure it brings him.

We have heard of pianists that do the same. These people are not natural geniuses. They just have a flair for picking things up. Maybe some of the people we hear about are geniuses. For the most part, they won’t be geniuses.

Now very few of them will ever pass piano grades or will want to. Most will never play classical music in their life or will wish to.

Some people, maybe you just need the basics to get going. The book Play Piano With Chords! Starting you off playing the piano is the intention of the book.

Learn to Play Piano Quickly

  • The book has a very low price.
  • It contains everything needed to understand piano basics.
  • how to sit at the piano
  • The correct fingers to use and their names
  • The names of the notes.
  • How to form chords and play them.
  • Where to find The chords to songs Free of Charge

Just Chords Piano Piano lessons

Piano Chords

Piano chords are formed with a number of notes played together or sequentially.

Most songs use chords to form a song basis. Chords are the basis of most song accompaniments.

For most playing chords of a song is playing a song and always sounds impressive. Thousands of songs use just three chords. By the end of this book, you will know which chords fit together, the rhythm of many songs, and how to find the chords for free for almost any song you might want to play.

What you would have learned to play in months, you can take just days for the same. You will need to practice. Every day for a few minutes if possible.

This book will help you to learn to play piano in a simple easy to follow way.

Book Two

Book One is all about how to play the piano and book two continues in a different direction in helping in putting songs together for the best possible ways for you to play, including how to remember all those songs and their chords.

play piano with chords book one piano lesson book cover

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