Why Music Is Better for Relaxation

There are more ways to relax than can be counted. We believe that music is better for relaxation than any other method. Below are some of the reasons we believe this.

  • No medication required
  • It is on the whole free to use
  • No commitment to contracts that may have a high cost
  • Time is not required
  • Any jobs or chores can be carried out while listening
  • If it doesn’t work for a person it has cost nothing and taken up no time
  • It can be used for relaxation anywhere music is available.

Music Is Best

Throughout history music has been used for many reasons. Maybe it began with the beating of drums for raising spirits or going into battle. Music then progressed for means of pleasure for dancing, or setting a mood. Music is certainly used in films to set the tone of each scene.

Today music is used for a variety of reasons. Meditation, yoga, shopping malls, before and after games in fact anywhere the public gathers music is played to set the mood.

Music Mood

Music works in all these activities. We have used other methods for our own relaxation but found that music suits us best.

For us listening to music in the background takes no time, we can carry on doing whatever we need to do and at the same time find comfort and relaxation with a variety of relaxing sounds in the background.

Watch & listen to this video to get a taste of why we believe that music is better for relaxation than any other method. Enjoy the fish video which adds to the relaxation.

Turtle image music is better for relaxation
image of fish swimming that are part of this relaxing music video

You can find all our music on Youtube as well as almost all other streaming platforms. Perfect for your relaxation.

Music for Relaxation?

When you next feel stressed, unhappy or just a little melancholy. Try your favourite music to relax you. Honeycup Waters music is composed to complete a calm atmosphere. Find out for yourself if music is better for relaxing.

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