An Old Piano To Learn To Play

When it comes to learning the piano, an old piano to learn to play may be good. Consider learning to drive. Do you have to have a shiny new Ferrari to learn properly?

Of course, the answer is no you don’t need a new piano. An old piano is perfectly good enough to learn to play. There are a few provisos.

This one is probably a little too old. All the keys need to work and be in tune or tunable. The one below might be fine with a clean up.


electric musical keyboard

An electric keyboard is just like a piano and is more than adequate to learn to play the piano on. A keyboard is no different from a piano to learn. The fancy stuff can be learned later. First, you need to learn to play the notes in the right order.

Upright Piano To Learn Play

An old upright piano or a new upright piano will do a good job for learning piano.

An old upright piano to learn on

Grand Piano

An expensive grand piano.

grand piano

Old or new a grand is perfect.

Which Piano Is Best?

The right answer is all of them! It does not matter at all which type of piano or keyboard is used to learn on. At some time in the future, you will find that you yearn for something better. This inevitably happens with whatever hobby or pastime you choose. You won’t become a better or worse pianist based on the age of the piano. That is the part that comes down to your commitment. You won’t forget learning to play, EVER!

Learning to play the piano places the student in a unique position. Only around 3% of the world’s population plays a musical instrument. The number playing the piano or the keyboard is a smaller fraction than that. Notice if someone in a room picks up any instrument and begins to play. It doesn’t matter what the instrument is, a crowd forms around them and faces begin to smile.

Learning to play the piano makes you unique. Few play and the piano is almost an orchestra in itself. Most instruments have one hand playing the tune while the other hand changes the notes that make that tune. The harp uses to hands to play different parts as does the piano. The guitar can play both bass and melody to a certain amount. Nothing beats the piano for providing a complete sound.

Is An Old Piano Good to Learn to Play?

Yes, it is, in fact, it’s better to buy a cheap old one rather than pay a lot of money for a new one. An expensive piano puts pressure on you to learn to play even if you find you hate the piano. A piano is good to learn on and if it really isn’t for you, you don’t waste a lot of money.

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