How to be happy in minutes with free music

How to be happy in minutes is not as strange as it may sound. If the following paragraph is true, you need a positive strategy to get back on track. I did and this is what I did to achieve it.

Do you lead a stressed life that prevents you from being happy? What a silly question. These days we all lead a life full of decisions, time constraints and financial worries.

Like most people who face these problems and realise that something has to be done, I tried to do something about it. I failed and failed again.

After a lot of failures I found my problem was time and money. I had to have more money and more time. My money could not increase I worked 60 plus hours a week as it was. So I worked out where my money was going and how I spent my time.

Try this as an exercise and be prepared to be surprised. Now I could be successful in my attempts to calm down my life and relax.

a pan flute player playing the pan flute and relaxing for a few minutes


I have rarely had to worry about buying a car. The company I worked for supplied my car for many years. I was only interested in performance rather than models with lights inside door handles and electric seats. I can easily adjust a seat by hand and once done it never needs adjusting again.
Realising that I only need a base car when I had to buy my own car I went for the base model. This reduced my purchase and insurance costs. Without unneeded gadgets the car was lighter so has better performance and has less fuel consumption. I don’t get to be happy in minutes but I am happier for years.

A modern race car image relax in minutes

Car Life

My company cars always did 100,000 miles minimum over a two year period. I realised that if 100,000 miles is possible with hardly any car problems, then I don’t need to change my car every couple of years. In fact, my present car is now 23 years old and approaching 100,000 miles.
My no stress car causes me no stress. All that really matters is reliability.

an older car image a means of destressing life to achieve relaxation in a few minutes

Take Away Food

Do I really need to have take-away food? Will it help in making me happy in minutes? When mine came I found them warmish and not fresh. They were expensive and I found meals made earlier and put into the freezer were almost as quick and a fraction of the price of a take away.

This was easy. Make a curry for two that is large enough for six. Eat two and put four in the freezer. It takes no more time to cook a six person curry than a two person curry.

Take away food image. How you can relax in a few minutes.

The same with pies. Make a dozen pies for the freezer. Bread can be the same. when making one loaf make two and pop one in the freezer.

Meals Out

We live in a sunny holiday area so meals out were quite regular. Even a one-mile walk passes at least eight restaurants. We gave up eating out 3 times a week and now restrict it to special occasions.

By looking at all of this type of things we were able to not need to earn more money we had some to spare.

food in a restaurant image. a means of relaxing in minutes


Do I really have to do so many things was my question and do I need 4 holidays a year.

No, I don’t believe in fact I need one. I live by the sea, so the foreign holidays are gone. Now making that decision was a method that is how to be happy in minutes.

Holidays image of deck chairs. Perfect for relax in a few minutes

Time to Spare

This was our biggest eye opener. We automatically had more time by not going out for meals or waiting for take away meals to arrive. We saved time and money by not going to the gym. It took us half an hour to get there, one and a half hours in the gym and half an hour to get back. Then a shower and a sit down. thats nigh on a whole morning three times a week.

We took up other activities and found that they kept us reasonably fit, were more enjoyable and other hobbies were able to fit in with our new activities.

Now we have more time and more money available for those special occasions.

hourglass image signifying it is easy to relax in a few minutes

Ways To Relax

Now although we have removed a lot of stress which is great for a relaxed life we felt we needed more in our lives.

We looked at Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness, Reiki, pilates, golf and several others but they all do the same thing. Take time!

In addition, they often cost money to learn and take up a lot of time. Lack of time was causing a lot of stress so these were discounted.

Activities To Make Us Happy

1 Walking
2 Cycling
3 Music

That’s two outside activities and one indoor activity.
My walking and cycling also include photography as I go along. I don’t have the newest of cameras, after all, they last for years and I make money from selling photographs & putting them onto blog sites.

activities that can help with how to be happy in a few minutes


there are so many places to see that walking gets you to that a car can’t. Even walking along a road that you travel regularly reveals so many views you would miss in a car.

Walking is good for our fitness levels and as it is relatively slow is relaxing in itself. Coupled with photography, walking provides the perfect way to take great shots and even make money. Every walk I take provides a few shots that can make money.

When out and about it is always possible to stop of at a bar for a swift drink. The lack of takeaways will easily pay for the drink.

walking image is a great way to find relaxation in minutes


This is just like walking but gets you a lot fitter. Longer distances can be travelled by bike, and more views can be seen and photographed. Wildlife is everywhere when you are out in the great outdoors.

Just as with cycling a drink can be enjoyed at any bar. Maybe just coffee or soft drinks.

Cycling image of bicycle on the side of the road


Music is our biggest method of relaxation. First, we looked at different types of music to listen to. Music from the rock music of our younger years, through The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Queen, Abba, Steps, Pink, and too many more to mention. They were made great music but it didn’t relax us. We were always singing their songs and finding sleep difficult. It is hard to sleep while singing a song.

We found music on YouTube for meditation, sleep, study, relaxing but although instrumental so no singing. Many went on for hours and were not what we needed.

image of keys of a piano for relaxing music. It takes a few minutes to relax with calming music

Happy Music for Relaxation

We wanted music because it runs in the background and does not take up any extra time. We can put music on and do whatever we want while the music plays in the background to create a relaxing yet happy atmosphere.

As we could not find what we wanted in available music we made our own music. Jackie is a piano and guitar teacher. We created Honeycupwaters on the Youtube platform to allows us to create our own type of music. Music that we feel can create a happy carefree environment and be happy background music all day long.

Honey235 music video for relaxation. Easy to find out how to be happy in minutes

to date, we have almost 300 individual pieces of music for your relaxation and happiness. Music videos are available on YouTube, Daily Motion and Facebook and music tracks on Bandcamp, spotify, iTunes, Apple music and almost all streaming sites around the world. Of course on YouTube, Dailymotion & Facebook all of the music is free of charge.

Playlists For Being Happy In Minutes

Create your own playlists for a whole day listening pleasure with just the right music you choose for the mood you are in today. For us, it is the one thing that taught us how to be happy in minutes.

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