Why Music Is Credited For So Many Benefits

Why is Music So Credited?

Why music? is a question often asked and there are many claims of the benefits.
We started creating music and putting it on our YouTube Channel, Honeycup Waters because we believe some of the claims made about why music is good for people. Another reason is that we can compose, play, and record music, Its what we do. In addition to YouTube, our music is also available on almost all streaming sites worldwide so can be listened to almost everywhere.

The Claims:

Music Makes You Happier.

For me, this is true depending on the style of course. Music from my past especially in my teens makes me smile and feel happy. Some of this newfound happiness may, of course, be nostalgia but what is life without memories.

Lowers Stress

Possibly this runs in line with the claim that music makes you happier. Possibly, maybe. If I am happy, I am probably less stressed.

Helps You Sleep Better.

Maybe yes maybe no. Although some of our music is for helping with sleeping, music doesn’t work for me in this respect.

Reduces Depression.

On this I have no idea. I don’t get depressed so I can’t comment.

Helps You Eat Less.

Wow a new way of losing weight. Listen to music and get slim. I like the idea, does it work?

Elevates Your Mood While Driving.

The faster and louder the music the faster I drive, so yes this one works with me.

Music Strengthens Learning and Memory.

Again no idea, the idea is great. Don’t go to school, read a text book and listen to heavy metal.

Improves Mathematical Abilities

There are a great many articles on this subject and a lot of studies have taken place. Because playing requires a lot of counting and jiggling around with key signatures. Reading notes and putting numerical values to them quite quickly there myb some truth in this one. I can’t see it helping with calculas but arithmatic stands a chance. Maybe others will comment.

The Music Style

The music style we chose for Honeycup Waters was happy & relaxed. Not the sort of relaxation music which is hours long and is full of ambient noises. There are many people doing this style and we didn’t want to have jazz, beats, or a none melodic style. We chose a type that is suitable to be played in the background. Music to enjoy driving to work or to play all day. A type that is often quite quick and makes you want to tap feet. Sometimes beautiful that lifts the hair on the back of your neck. The Oboe sometimes creates this type of response. A type for anyone to listen to at any time of the day or night to set the mood.

Final Thoughts

We think we have achieved our goals of creating bright happy background music that is perfect to come home, kick off your shoes, and settle down for a time with. Then do all the things that are done in the evening with our style in the background helping to pass the time with calm and happiness.

So what are your thoughts on the subject? Do you agree with the experts or agree with us, Perhaps you have your own ideas? Let us know in the comments what you think. Let rip we all have ideas on this subject and maybe you might add an extra comment on what you feel about our music.

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