Children’s Happy Bright Cheerful Music | Happy Music For Kids

Children’s happy bright cheerful music with giraffe images. Just before bed.
Happy upbeat music for happy kids at bedtime. Designed for kids but great for parents to watch with the little ones.

This track is called Honey 193

N.B. All of our tracks are called Honey number. The music is also available on most streaming sites and sales sites, such as

 Apple Music
 TikTok (beta)
 Google Play & YouTube Music
 Napster (beta)
 iHeartRadio (beta)
 Anghami (beta)
 KKBox (beta)
 MediaNet and many others.

N.B. On most sites including YouTube Music look for Jackie Clark. Not all sites list as Honeycup Waters.

Honeycup Waters Music

Honeycup waters music is composed to be family-friendly music at all times.

Our music is instrumental and images will not be offensive. the whole family can watch and listen to our music safely together.

This track is Children’s happy bright cheerful music. Giraffe images increase as the video progresses. Use the music just before bed.
Happy upbeat music for happy kids at bedtime.


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