Happy Music For Relaxation

Happy music for relaxation is the theme of this easy to listen to relaxing piece of music.

Happy Relaxing Music

Honeycup Waters music is intended to be relaxing background music. with a dynamic finish that may wake you from your slumbers.

This particular music features piano, harmonica and strings with a little added bass. Background music for any occasion. This music video is named Honey 184 and is happy relaxing music for relaxation, we hope you agree.


Family Friendly Music Videos

The music from Honeycup Waters is always family-friendly and composed and recorded in house by Jackie Clark. The music videos are family safe with all images suitable for children to see.

Our children’s music is designed to relax children during play or before bedtime.

All our music is free to listen to on a wide range of music platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Daily Motion, Deezer, Spotify and almost all other platforms. Some you may need to join to listen or pay a fee.

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