Light Instrumental Background Music

What this music is:

Light instrumental background music or Honey 183 is a very bright dynamic piece of music. Composed to be exciting and entertaining with fireworks to bring the sounds to life. The music has the feel of a light classical piece arranged with multiple solo instruments.

As always Jackie Clark composed and played the music. Let us know how you feel about the music in the comments below. We love comments, good or bad.

Our Music Is Used For

Many of our listeners listen to our music for help with relaxation, studying, sleeping, for early mornings, for romantic evenings and general background music. These are just a few of the reasons that people love our music. We have a wide range of pieces of music for both adults and children.

Our videos are always family-friendly or safe for families to watch and listen to. Children can be left to watch our videos in safety. We have now bad language or inappropriate images. in our music videos.

Our music can be found on many streaming sites such as YouTube, Daily Motion, Spotify, Bandcamp, Facebook, Deezer, Itunes, Apple Music, Amazon Music and many more outlets.

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