Summer Mix 2019 Happy Relaxing Music

This weeks music video release is a summer mix for 2019. The latest music videos are included as they fit well as background music for whatever you may be doing.

As always Jackie Clark composed and played all of the music in these videos.

jackie clark summer mix 2019

Why A Summer Mix

We did look at possibly doing a simple playlist as it could do the same job. Experience has shown that sometimes YouTube playlists are not that reliable. Some videos are cut off short, some take some time to play the next video and sometimes music, not by us slips in. On a hot sunny summer afternoon, a continuous stream of music seems to fit with a single music video mix. So, that is what we did. Each video in the mix is different in style and choice of instruments. Some are bouncy and others bright and breezy. All of the videos will provide a happy feeling that is just right for the summer months.

The Summer Mix 2019 Video


Of course not all music suits all people and our type of music will not suit everyone. If you enjoy listening to happy relaxing music that can be used for relaxing, for sleeping, for children’s playtime, as spa music or general background music. Our music could be just what you are looking for. You could look at this video or all of our videos on YouTube

Family Safe

Our music videos are always family safe. The images used in the videos are gorgeous views or people relaxing and our music is instrumental. You can be sure that our music will be safe for anyone to watch whatever their


Music For Summer

We make our videos for anyone of any age to enjoy. We hope you enjoy this summer mix 2019 of happy relaxing music.

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