Happy Guitar Music – Latest Music Video

Today we have released our latest music video Honey 175. The video music features the happy sound of an upbeat guitar and remains relaxing throughout.
This happy guitar music was composed and played by Jackie as is usual and the video created by Peter.

Conceived as background music. The music is suitable for any type of activity. You could, of course, do nothing but just listen to the music.

This particular video uses only one image throughout the video. This is an attempt at discovering if the normal changing images we use are distracting for you. It would be great if you commented on the video and the music.

If you are new to us we create relaxing music videos. Our music and images are child safe at all times and will never cause embarrassment at work or at home. You can find out more about us here.

We hope you enjoy the music and look forward to your comments. We don’t mind if the music is not for you, all comments are welcome.

Listen to the music video on YouTube direct. Honey 175

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