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Creating Happiness Through Music


Honeycup Waters was founded in 2016 by Jackie and Peter to provide music that can be listened to all day long. Jackie is a pianist and piano teacher with many years of experience but hates playing in public. So creating music videos was the answer to how she could compose and play her own music to help people to improve their happiness by listening to her unique compositions.

They did not want to create music that makes the brain hurt, or music that would drone on and on until someone gets a headache or worse. The music had to light and bright, easy to listen to and to create an atmosphere of calm and happiness.

They believe that happiness is achieved through personal contentment. Not the sort of contentment that means a person has no drive to move forward, the sort that celebrates what we have achieved to this point. Tomorrow another bit of growth will provide a little more contentment. We believe in feeling content in where people are today and that a feeling of contentment can be achieved through music.

The music is composed and created in-house for anyone’s listening pleasure that chooses to here it and is used for many relaxing purposes that can help anyone to feel content if only for a few minutes. The music is happy yet smooth, relaxing yet uplifting, bright and cheerful it is smile music for some that will create a happy ambience.  For others, relaxing music and for some, music for the start of the day essentially, it is to make the listener happy through the medium of music.  

A wide range of instrument sounds including The Piano, Flutes and the Guitar are used with many other sounds. All of the music is for the listener to achieve their best level of happiness in whatever they are doing. The belief is that music can bring untold joy and happiness to anyone. 

The music is ambient light music that will set the mood all day long. Switch on in the morning and listen till the soaps come on in the evening. Call it contentment music, or maybe even smile music. There is no rock music or fall asleep music that goes on for hours, there are others who can do that better. 

No one gets a headache or falls asleep on the job. The listener will be content & will be happy and Honeycup Waters will keep making music for everyone’s happiness. 

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Contentment = Happiness

Happiness = Contentment

Music = Contentment = Happiness

Be Content To Be Happy

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