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Your home for upbeat background music. Our music videos are all available on YouTube for your listening pleasure all day long.

Our music is all composed and recorded in house and is original music generally composed by Jackie a musician and piano teacher with over 25 years of experience.

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Modern life is full of stress that is hard to shake off when at home. Honeycup Waters upbeat music channel was conceived to provide a relaxing calm ambiance at home, work, or wherever you may be.

Our upbeat music covers a wide range of musical styles to suit whatever mood you would like to have around you.

Essentially, come home, kick off your shoes, and fill the home with calming happy music. We hope we have achieved that with our unique music videos.

Our music is not only available on YouTube it is available on almost all streaming channels around the world. Should you wish to purchase & download or music for use anywhere then many streaming and sales channels are able to provide our music to you such as

Apple Music




and almost all other sellers of upbeat music. Find out more here

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Our YouTube Channel

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Our Happy Music Vision

YouTube was where we began to create our music for anyone to enjoy a relaxing atmosphere. The ambiance created with our music is for anyone and everyone to enjoy, weather as a young child before bedtime or an adult at work, when doing domestic chores or driving in the countryside.

Our aim is to create the very best channel for you to listen to Upbeat background music, to change your life by creating a calm & content happy mindset through happy upbeat music.  

We create happiness through happy relaxing music