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Inspirational music videos  inspirational music videos

This page features the music videos of Honeycup Waters available on the Daily Motion platform of Honeycup Waters.  As always all of the videos are free to watch and listen to  at all times. Download tracks can be obtained for private use from

We hope you enjoy listening to these relaxing and inspirational music videos. Videos are created for you to find relaxation and calm mind and body with their choice of instruments, tempo’s and gorgeous sounds of pan flute, guitar, flute, oboe, piano and a multitude of other sounds.

People enjoy our inspirational music videos for relaxation, sleep, studying, meditating, working, romance. The music videos are useful in the morning to start the day right, in the evening to relax or when taking a break while working or anytime that you feel music is appropriate. We do not use any type of waves, all of our music is just that, simple easy listening music.

Our inspirational music videos can be watched direct on this page or on Daily Motion itself. the choice as always is yours.  Daily motion.

The music tracks of all of these videos can be purchased and downloaded from


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The aim of Honeycup Waters is to create relaxing and inspirational music for anyone to enjoy. Should you wish to help us in this aim and wish to support us so we can provide music on other platforms. You can do this by becoming a patron. Take a look to see if you would find this interesting. Find out More

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